Republic Day 2013

F-495 TCG Gediz in Istanbul.

F-495 TCG Gediz in Istanbul. She is one of the most capable Perry class frigates afloat world wide with her Mk41 VLS containing ESSM missiles, Smart-S 3D radar, upgraded combat management software and rebuild CIC.

Tomorrow is the 90th anniversary of the foundation of Turkish Republic. Many different events are planed to celebrate our republic and one of them is to open Turkish warships to public. This year the Gölcük Naval Base, the main base of Turkish Navy will have an open door day and many ships will be accessible for the public. The following Turkish warships will be open to public:

Number Name Type City
S-358 TCG Çanakkale Submarine Gölcük
F-244 TCG Barbaros Frigate Gölcük
P-336 TCG Zıpkın Fast attack boat Gölcük
A-595 TCG Y. K. Güngör Replenishment Ship Gölcük
F-496 TCG Gökova Frigate İzmit
F-245 TCG Oruçreis Frigate İstanbul
F-495 TCG Gediz Frigate İstanbul
P-334 TCG Meltem Fast attack boat Karadeniz Ereğli
P-330 TCG Kılıç Fast attack boat Mersin
F-502 TCG Bandırma Corvette İzmir
P-348 TCG Yıldız Fast attack boat İskenderun
F-493 TCG Gelibolu Frigate Antalya
P-1203 TCG Kumkale Patrol boat Bozcaada
P-1205 TCG Karabiga Patrol boat Gökçeada


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