Turkish Coast Guard Boats Get New Sensors


I regret any misunderstanding that my previous post may have caused. I was just away temporary for a week-long holiday. That was all.

The photos you see above are the Coast Guard boats I have encountered during the week in various coastal towns.

The last photo of the SG-80 TCSG-80 is the most interesting of them all for me. As you can see below enlarged, Turkish Coast Guard has started to install a thermal imaging system to its boats. This is long-due addition to these boats sensors. This particular sensor suite look very similar to Aselsan’s Falconeye electro-optical sensor system. If this is the case than the system has thermal imaging system, a high performance day TV, target acquisition system and a laser pointer. Four boats of various classes have received this new sensor already.



One Response to Turkish Coast Guard Boats Get New Sensors

  1. Harry says:

    The sensors are certainly a nice addition. My honest opinion is that the Turkish Coast Guard boats are not designed for search and rescue. Designs of these boats are only for enforcement purposes. I find also the rescue service (tahlisiye) in need of different types of boats. Furthermore the command and response structure is so poorly designed that, both CG and Coastal Rescue are in disarray ! Perhaps these comments will fall on death ears nevertheless it should be openly said that the situation needs restructuring. Efficient command and control. mechanisms must be put forth. Reorganizing and integrating both organizations into one command system is highly desirable. Perhaps I wrote too much but the situation is very serious ! Lives are being lost due inefficiencies.while assets are idle and/or ineffective.

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