Russian Warship Movements Through Turkish Straits (Part 29)

Russian KAshnin class buoy tender KIL-158 passing through the Bosphorus today. She is heading to Greece for an offical visit.

Russian Kashtan class buoy tender KIL-158 passing through the Bosphorus today. She is heading to Greece for an official visit.

Today, the Russian Kashtan (Project 141) class buoy tender KIL-158 passed through the Bosphorus on her way to Greece.

According to the ship will attend the Russian Week In the Ionian islands.

Black Sea Fleet mooring tenders KIL-158, visit the ports of taps with the business of the Hellenic Republic, where Russian sailors will participate in the activities of the XII International Public Forum “Russian Week in the Ionian Islands” and the celebration of the anniversary of the naval battle of Navarino. 

expected that the ship will go to the island of Corfu , Lefkada, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, as well as the ports of Pylos, Patras and Piraeus. To participate in the activities on board the ship at sea will leave the orchestra musicians and Song and Dance Ensemble of Black Sea Fleet. safety of the ship crossing the sea and in port will provide military marine brigade’s Black Sea Fleet. KIL-158 Exit from Sevastopol is scheduled for September 29. large landing ships (BDK), Black Sea Fleet, “Yamal”, which was previously planned to participate in activities campaign, put other tasks on the destination. 

The Ropucha class large landing ship Yamal was originally tasked to attend the Russian Week but apparently she is keep for more important missions like showing the flag off Syria. One does not simply send an ungainly buoy tender to a foreign country for port visits but a more elegant and impressive warship. The Russians know this fact by heart as they use their navy as a political instrument very masterfully. So if Russians are sending a buoy tender to Greece does it mean that keeping a large task force in Med is taking its toll in terms of readiness and deployment schedules?

So this is the tally of Russian warship movements in 2013:

Date Number Name Direction
01/01/13 142 Novocharkassk Southbound
09/01/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
09/01/13 151 Azov Northbound
12/01/13 142 Novocharkassk Northbound
14/01/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
14/01/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
16/01/13 151 Azov Southbound
04/02/13 151 Azov Northbound
04/02/13 150 Saratov Northbound
04/02/13 810 Smetlivy Northbound
04/02/13 Ivan Bubnov Northbound
05/02/13 110 Moskva Northbound
07/02/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
07/02/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
08/02/13 Kildin Northbound
20/02/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
20/02/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Southbound
25/03/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
25/03/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
11/04/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
11/04/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Southbound
14/04/13 151 Azov Southbound
26/04/13 PM-138 PM-138 Southbound
24/04/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
24/04/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
24/04/13 Dubna Northbound
30/04/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
05/05/13 PM-56 PM-56 Northbound
05/05/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
11/05/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
11/05/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
11/05/13 151 Azov Northbound
19/05/13 151 Azov Southbound
 /05/13 151 Nikolay Filchenkov Southbound
23/05/13 077 Peresvet Northbound
23/05/13 055 Admiral Nevelskoi Northbound
27/05/13 151 Azov Northbound
27/05/13 151 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
10/06/13 CCB-201 Priazove Southbound
17/06/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Southbound
20/06/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
20/06/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Southbound
01/07/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
01/07/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
03/07/13 MB-304 MB-304 Southbound
03/07/13   Ivan Bubnov Southbound
03/07/13 120 Moskva Southbound
13/07/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
25/07/13 200 Perekop Northbound
26/07/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
26/07/13 151 Azov Northbound
31/07/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
31/07/13 127 Minsk Northbound
11/08/13 127 Minsk Southbound
11/08/13 955 Burya Southbound
17/08/13 151 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
19/08/13 055 BDK-98 Southbound
19/08/13 077 Peresvet Southbound
20/08/13 151 Azov Southbound
20/08/13 ? ? Southbound
21/08/13 955 Burya Northbound
01/09/13 548 Admiral Panteleyev Southbound
05/09/13 SSV-201 Priazove Southbound
05/09/13 142 Novocharkassk Southbound
05/09/13 127 Minsk Southbound
12/09/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Southbound
12/09/13 810 Smetlivy Southbound
16/09/13 077 Peresvet Northbound
16/09/13 055 Admiral Nevelskoi Northbound
17/09/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
25/09/13 055 Admiral Shabalin Southbound
25/09/13 077 Peresvet Southbound
30/09/13 KIL-158 Southbound

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