Warships In The Eastern Mediterranean

As the bulk of the Royal Navy’s Response Force Task Group passes through the Suez Canal, and Russia sending two more warships southwards, it is time to update the list of the ships in East Mediterranean

This is the list of the naval vessels in the region i.e. east of Crete:

Russian Navy:

  • 548 Admiral Panteleyev, destroyer
  • 127 Minsk, large landing ship
  • 142 Novocharkassk, large landing ship
  • 055 BDK-98, large landing ship
  • 077 Peresvet, large landing ship
  • 151 Azov, large landing ship
  • SSV-201 Priazove, intelligence gathering ship
  • PM-138, repair ship
  • MB-304, tug
  • Pechenga, tanker
  • 810 Smetlivy, destroyer – ETA 3 days
  • 152 Nikolay Filchenkov, large landing ship – ETA 3 days

US Navy:

  • DDG-52 USS Barry, destroyer
  • DDG-107 USS Gravely, destroyer
  • DDG-61 USS Ramage, destroyer
  • DDG-55 USS Stout, destroyer
  • LPD-17 USS San Antonio, amphibious transport dock
  • T-AO-195 USNS Leroy Grumman, supply ship

German Navy:

  • P-6126 FGS Frettchen, fast attack craft, UNIFIL
  • P-6129 FGS Wiesel, fast attack craft, UNIFIL
  • A-53 FGS Oker, intelligence gathering ship

Royal Navy:

  • L-3008 RFA Mounts Bay, auxiliary landing ship, Cougar 2013
  • L-3007 RFA Lyme Bay, auxiliary landing ship, Cougar 2013
  • L-15 HMS Bulward, landing ship, Cougar 2013
  • F-236 HMS Montrose, frigate, Cougar 2013

Brazilian Navy

  • F-45 União, frigate, UNIFIL

Bangladeshi Navy

  • F-18 BNS Osman, frigate, UNIFIL
  • P-911 BNS Madhumati, large patrol craft, UNIFIL

Indonesian Navy

  • 365 KRI Diponegoro, corvette, UNIFIL

Greek Navy

  • P-69 HS Ypoploiarchos Kristallidis, fast attack craft, UNIFIL

French Navy

  • D-621 FS Chevalier Paul, destroyer

Italian Navy

  • D-553 ITS Andera Doria, destroyer

Any additions and corrections to the list are welcomed.

2 Responses to Warships In The Eastern Mediterranean

  1. leemaster says:

    As far as i know, hms Montrose had passed Suez some days ago. And i have no idea about Bangladesh ships.

  2. sunil says:

    F-236 HMS Montrose, frigate has transited Suez headed to red sea for anti piracy deployment in region

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