Victory Day 2013

We are grateful to those who paid the ultimate price for our independence and for our country.

This year we celebrate the 91th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Dumlupınar, the final battle in the Turkish War of Independence in 1922.

The Battle of Dumlupınar was fought from 26 August to 30 August 1922, at the end of the battle the invading Greek Army was definitely and distinctively beaten and the almost all the invading foreign forces were repelled.

To commemorate the victory following Turkish warships will be open to public:

Number Name Type City
S-359 TCG Burakreis Submarine Giresun
F-242 TCG Fatih Frigate Samsun
P-333 TCG Tufan Fast attack boat Karadeniz Ereğlisi
F-244 TCG Barbaros Frigate İstanbul
F-243 TCG Yıldırım Frigate İstanbul
M-260 TCG Edincik Mine hunter Mürefte
P-1207 TCG Tekirdağ Patrol boat Tekirdağ
M-263 TCG Erdek Mine hunter Erdek
N-16 TCG Nusret Mine layer Erdek
F-500 TCG Bozcaada Corvette İzmir
NL-125 TCG Osman Gazi Landing ship İzmir
Ç-152 TCG Ç-152 Landing craft Dikili
P-1203 TCG Kumkale Patrol boat Çanakkale
P-1205 TCG Karabiga Patrol boat Karabiga
P-1208 TCG Kaş Patrol boat Kaş
P-1204 TCG Tarsus Patrol boat Mersin
M-515 TCG Saros Mine sweeper Mersin

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