NATO SNMCMG-2 In The Black Sea


The German tender A-512 FGS Mosel. The flagship of NATO SNMCMG-2.


M-264 TCG Erdemli. The Turkish contribution to SNMCMG-2.


M-1061 FGS Rottweil. The German contribution to SNMCMG-2.

Two German and one Turkish warship created a were in Istanbul for the weekend.

The three ships of the NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2, A-512 FGS Mosel, M-264 TCG Erdemli, and M-1061 FGS Rottweil, arrived in Istanbul on 23 August 2013 Friday and left on 26 August 2013.

According to the official web page of SNMCMG-2 there should be a fourth ship: HMS Ledbury, but she was not is Istanbul. NATO is notoriously bad at updating these pages.

The task force is currently in the Black Sea. I would appreciate any information about their destination.

5 Responses to NATO SNMCMG-2 In The Black Sea

  1. Seefahrer says:

    HMS Ledbury has left the SNMCMG 2 in Akaba before Mosel and Rottweil returned to Souda Bay for a summer break.

    Greetings from Seefahrer Blog Germany!

  2. zenith says:

    the ships are heading to sevastopol

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