The Future Logistics Ship Of Royal Netherlands Navy

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Today a very special hull passed through the Bosporus. The tug Eide Wrester was towing the hull of the future multi-function support ship for amphibious operation, HNLMS Karel Doorman. Her hull was produced in Damen shipyard in Galati, Romania. Her final outfitting and installation of the weapon systems will take place in The Netherlands.


According to Wikipedia, she will have the same sensor suite as the Holland class OPV’s and she will be able to carry  approx 8000 m3 of fuel, more than 1000 m3 of helicopter fuel, approx 450 m3 of potable water and approx 400 tonnes of ammunition and other supplies.

I hope I  will be able to see her as a complete ships too.

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  3. Kevin Brent says:

    Built in Romania…. interesting. Thanks for this!

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