Greek Submarine Ran Aground

Two tugs assits the grounded submarine Proteus. Photo:

Two tugs assits the grounded submarine Proteus. Photo:

According to Greek, one Greek submarine has ran aground in Souda Bay, Crete.

As announced by the Navy General Staff, the Submarine PROTEUS during sailing in the bay of Souda Bay, Crete, and during evasive ship moved near shore and epakoumvise an ancient underwater pier.

No member of the crew was injured, the submarine is not a security problem and there has been no damage.

Perform actions for detachment of the ship and return to Naval Base Souda for scrutiny.

The 209 Type 1100 class submarine S-113 HS Proteus which ran aground was one of the four submarines which recevied and upgrade in Greek service. HS Proteus and her sisters were given a “weapons discharge and fire control update” as early as 1991‐1992, enabling them to fire Sub‐Harpoon anti‐ship missiles.

The modernisation package included Sub Harpoon, flank array sonar, Unisys FCS, Sperry Mk 29 Mod 3 inertial navigation system, GPS and Argos ESM.


5 Responses to Greek Submarine Ran Aground

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  2. NG36B says:

    Really sad. Looks like the photo was taken from Aptera.

  3. Huseyin says:

    There has to a joke here about Greek seamanship, running aground and sand dunes. Anyway, great signal flag on the top :)

  4. Frangkiskos Oikonomopoulos says:

    Given that we, the Greek tax payers, are paying quite a hefty sum for our defence contribution to the Atlantic Alliance, can someone with knowledge of submarines tell us whether it is quite common for submarines to run aground in their own territory on sand dunes or whether such an event should not be construed as indicating that our submarine’s crew need re-training?

    Good luck to the Turkish Navy boys by the way. As long as you don’t make me drop my coffee when your ships and aircraft noisily pass by my Aegean island home, I’m happy to see you monitoring the reinforced Russian naval patrols in the area.

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