Russian Warship Movements Through Turkish Straits (Part 17)

The Russian tug MB-304, passing through the Bosphorus.

The Russian tug MB-304, passing through the Bosphorus on 3 July 2013.

Last week the Slava class cruiser of the Russian Black Sea Fleet 121 Moskva, the Boris Chilikin class replenishment tanker Ivan Bubnov and the Sorum class tug MB-304 passed through the Turkish Straits and entered to the Mediterranean.

Upon completion of the trans-Atlantic move the ships will visit Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and then switch back – Cape Verde off the west coast of Africa, according to ITAR-TASS. “The purpose of the campaign – a demonstration of St. Andrew’s flag, tasks of combat duty in distant ocean campaigns, strengthening cooperation with the Navy in Latin America and Africa, “- said the representative of the staff. “In the squad included the guided-missile cruiser” Moskva “Black Sea Fleet (the flagship unit), large anti-submarine ship” Vice-Admiral Kulakov “the Northern Fleet, and a large sea tanker” Ivan Bubnov ” and seagoing tug MB-304 BSF “, – he said. Originally it was planned that mezhflotskaya group will be formed of three fleets of ships – the Black Sea, the North Sea and the Baltic. However, according to the received orders, plan to include in her Baltic Fleet patrol ship “Yaroslav the Wise” was released in June in the Atlantic for combat service in the far zone of the ocean, which now continues to fulfill its tasks, then return to Baltiysk. “So,” Yaroslav the Wise “in Latin America will not go” – said the representative of the General Staff. He noted that the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of mezhflotskoy group actually already went camping. Today, from Sevastopol out “Ivan Bubnov” committed to the Black Sea straits. “July 3 will be released from Sevastopol missile cruiser” Moskva “, accompanied by the sea tug MB-304. Ships of the Black Sea, passing the straits area, proceed to the western part of the Mediterranean Sea, where they will be joined” Vice-Admiral Kulakov. “Then the group forces the Strait of Gibraltar and come out into the Atlantic.

So this is the latest tally of Russian warship movements

Date Number Name Direction
27/12/12 151 Azov Southbound
27/12/12 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Southbound
01/01/13 142 Novocharkassk Southbound
09/01/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
09/01/13 151 Azov Northbound
12/01/13 142 Novocharkassk Northbound
14/01/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
14/01/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
16/01/13 151 Azov Southbound
04/02/13 151 Azov Northbound
04/02/13 150 Saratov Northbound
04/02/13 810 Smetlivy Northbound
04/02/13 Ivan Bubnov Northbound
05/02/13 110 Moskva Northbound
07/02/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
07/02/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
08/02/13 Kildin Northbound
20/02/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
20/02/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Southbound
25/03/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
25/03/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
11/04/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
11/04/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Southbound
14/04/13 151 Azov Southbound
26/04/13 PM-138 PM-138 Southbound
24/04/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
24/04/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
24/04/13 Dubna Northbound
30/04/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
05/05/13 PM-56 PM-56 Northbound
05/05/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
11/05/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
11/05/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
11/05/13 151 Azov Northbound
19/05/13 151 Azov Southbound
 /05/13 151 Nikolay Filchenkov Southbound
23/05/13 077 Peresvet Northbound
23/05/13 055 Admiral Nevelskoi Northbound
27/05/13 151 Azov Northbound
27/05/13 151 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
10/06/13 CCB-201 Priazove Southbound
17/06/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Southbound
20/06/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
20/06/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Southbound
01/07/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
01/07/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
03/07/13 MB-304 MB-304 Southbound
03/07/13   Ivan Bubnov Southbound
03/07/13 120 Moskva Southbound

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