Mysterious Boat On Bosphorus

The myterious boat on Bosphorus.

The mysterious boat on Bosphorus. Photo: Victor M.S. Barreira, used with permission.

The above photo shows a boat that is moving in high speed on Bosphorus. The photo was taken by Mr. Victor M.S. Barreira, on 8 june 2013.

The boat in picture does not have the appearance of a pleasure craft for private use. It has as far as I can see both Turkish and Romanian flags and looks like a boat for government service but I have no further information about it expect the photo.

So I will welcome any additional information regarding this boat from my readers.

3 Responses to Mysterious Boat On Bosphorus

  1. pred says:

    Crestitalia and Intermarine Bigliani class for Italian Guardia di Finanza. A few were transferred to Libyan Coast Guard. And a few ended up elsewhere it seems.

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