More On Deniz Kurdu 13 Naval Exercise (Part 2)

DENİZKURDU-13 tatbikatı

F-511 TCG Heybeliada firing her main 76mm gun. Photo:

Yesterday the Deniz Kurdu 2013 naval exercise has ended.
This is the list of the participants as far as I can find:

 Number Name Type
A-573 TCG Bnb. Saadettin Gürcan Tanker
A-580 TCG Akar Tanker
A-595 TCG Yrb. Kudret Güngör Tanker
F-241 TCG Turgutreis Frigate
F-243 TCG Yıldırım Frigate
F-244 TCG Barbaros Frigate
F-246 TCG Salihreis Frigate
F-247 TCG Kemalreis Frigate
F-494 TCG Gökçeada Frigate
F-495 TCG Gediz Frigate
F-511 TCG Heybeliada Corvette
P-335 TCG İmbat Fast Attack Boat
P-336 TCG Zıpkın Fast Attack Boat
P-337 TCG Atak Fast Attack Boat
P-346 TCG Gurbet Fast Attack Boat
P-347 TCG Fırtına Fast Attack Boat
P-349 TCG Karayel Fast Attack Boat
M-26X TCG- X Mine Hunter

Naval special forces fast roping to TCG Akar. Photo:

The naval special forces demonstrated how to infiltrate into a ship and capture it on board of the replenishment tanker A-580 TCG Akar. This is a much needed exercise considering that there is always a special forces team on board of the Turkish frigates conducting anti piracy operations in Gulf Of Aden.

Click here for the full set of photos from the infiltration exercise.

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