Photos Of Russian Warship Bora


The Russian Dergach class corvette 615 RFS Bora in Bosphorus.

As reported earlier last week we had an unusual guest. The Russian Dergach class air cushion corvette 615 RFS Bora made her maiden foreign visit to Istanbul during the IDEF 2013 defense exhibition.
I don’t know if the ship has received any visitors, as she was docked almost 30 kilometers (18 miles) away from the exhibition center.

I was able to take the photos of RFS Bora on her very last moments in Istanbul, during her deployment back to Russia. The ship is heavily armed with 8 SS-N-22 Sunburn supersonic missiles, one 76mm gun, two 30mm close in weapon systems and SA-N-4 Gecko SAM missiles. I was not on board so I have no idea about the inside of the ship but judging the size and the armaments and sensors she is carrying I do not think that there is much space left for the crew to live.

With her foils inside the water she can make up to 56 knots. It is not  an easy feature to accelerate a 1000 ton warship to speeds as high as this.

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