TCSG Dost And TCSG Umut To Be Commissioned

SG701 TCSG Dost on builders trials two years ago.

SG701 TCSG Dost on builders trials two years ago.

Two new vessels will join Turkish Coast Guard tomorrow.

The first ship of the new search and rescue ship TCSG Dost and the third ship of the class TCSG Umut are joining the Turkish Coast Guard with a ceremony held at the RMK Shipyard.

The contract for the construction of 4 ships at RMK Marine Shipyard was signed on 16 January 2007. The keel of the first ship TCSG Dost was laid on 3 May 2008. She was launched on 9 June 2010 and was supposed to enter service last year. Similarly TCSG Umut was launched in 2011 and supposed to enter into service this year. So TCSG Dost is entering two years late and TCSG Umut is entering into service just about time.

But what happened to the second ship of the class TCSG Güven which was launched in 2011? When will she commissioned, why is she delayed? 

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