TCG Anafartalar In Durres Albania


TCG Anafartalar, in Durres Albania

The Turkish submarine in the Ionian Sea, TCG Anafartalar made a four-day visit to Durrës, Albania, after she has participated to the NATO ASW exercise, Noble Manta 2013. It is not common for submarines to make port visits.

From the news bulletin of Durrës Port Authority dates 14 March 2013:

This morning in the port of Durres has arrived Turkish submarine “TCG Anafartalar.” Official sources Naval Forces Command, announced that Turkish Navy military ship will conduct a 4-day port visit, scheduled for 2013 our member countries of NATO. During their stay in our country staff submariner “TCG Anafartalar s-356” will conduct visits to some of the major cities of the country, as well as historical and archaeological center. Meanwhile provided with cultural and sports activities between local sailors and friends from Turkey – our Command naval sources said. This is the third submarine of the Turkish Naval Fleet to visit the port of Durres in a period of three years. Submarine “TCG Anafartalar” will leave the port of Durrës on 17 March.

As far as I know TCG Dolunay was in Durrës in 2010. I would appreciate any information about other Turkish submarines in Duress in 2011 and 2012.


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