Russian Warship Movements Through Turkish Straits (Part 2)

Today two Russian large landings ships, Ropucha class 102 Kaliningrad and 110 Alexander Shabalin, returned to the Black Sea after spending almost one month in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

When I look at the photos I realize that both ships need a long overhaul periods to remove the strains of the recent deployments. All photos courtesy of Mr. Kerim Bozkurt. Used with permission.


102 Kaliningrad in Bosphorus. The small ship in the background is the Turkish boom defence vessel P-305 TCG Ağ 5.



Date Number Name Direction
27/12/12 151 Azov Southbound
27/12/12 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Southbound
01/01/13 142 Novocharkassk Southbound
09/01/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
09/01/13 151 Azov Northbound
12/01/13 142 Novocharkassk Northbound
14/01/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
14/01/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
16/01/13 151 Azov Southbound
04/02/13 151 Azov Northbound
04/02/13 150 Saratov Northbound
04/02/13 810 Smetlivy Northbound
04/02/13 Ivan Bubnov Northbound
05/02/13 110 Moskva Northbound
07/02/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
07/02/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
08/02/13 Kildin Northbound
20/02/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
20/02/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Southbound
25/03/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
25/03/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound

4 Responses to Russian Warship Movements Through Turkish Straits (Part 2)

  1. Kevin Brent says:

    As a former Sailor who had to help do a lot of ‘chipping and painting’ I agree!!!

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