More On Proud Manta 2013

I have found a long video from the Media Day of the Proud Manta 2013 via SatSicilia.

I must tell you that I have found the submarine just behind the admirals, in the first part of the video especially admirable.

Proud Manta News Conference 2013

3 Responses to More On Proud Manta 2013

  1. Huseyin says:

    I predict that we will read from Greek sources how well S-119 performed, won all the competitions, never get caught, and sink all surface ship, while TCG Anafartalar messed up the fleet formation in the honor pass, was killed 10 times by S-119, and classified as the noisest ship in the exercise.

  2. Nikitas says:

    with so many turkish flags on S-119 I instantly thought that the exercise was…red flag.

  3. Kevin Brent says:

    There is something seriously wrong with a navy that tells a man like that American Commander that he is too old to command a ship. He’s not even holding the rank of Captain yet.

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