Russian Warship Movements Through Turkish Straits

Russian warship when she was returning from the Med 14 days ago.

Russian warship 110 Alexander Shabalin when she was returning from the Med 14 days ago.

After rest and recreation period close to 14 days the Russian landing ships are active again. On 20th February 2013 two ships of the Baltic Fleet, 102 Kaliningrad and 110 Alexander Shabalin passed through the Dardanelles and entered into the Aegean Sea. I have no information whether these ships are actually returning to their home base in the Baltic or are heading again to Syria. This week Russia evacuated two plane loads of women and children.

Date Number Name Direction
27/12/12 151 Azov Southbound
27/12/12 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Southbound
01/01/13 142 Novocharkassk Southbound
09/01/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
09/01/13 151 Azov Northbound
12/01/13 142 Novocharkassk Northbound
14/01/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
14/01/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
16/01/13 151 Azov Southbound
04/02/13 151 Azov Northbound
04/02/13 150 Saratov Northbound
04/02/13 810 Smetlivy Northbound
04/02/13 Ivan Bubnov Northbound
05/02/13 110 Moskva Northbound
07/02/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
07/02/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
08/02/13 Kildin Northbound
20/02/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
20/02/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Southbound

3 Responses to Russian Warship Movements Through Turkish Straits

  1. Kevin Brent says:

    You are probably going to have new followers from They had a story today about Russia’s exercise in the Eastern Med, but seemed to view it strictly as a ‘message’ to NATO.

    They theorize it might be tied to Syria, but didn’t seem to be aware of the information you have been so kind to tell us. So, I gave them a little ‘update’ with links to your blog. They seem impressed and thankful.

    I told them that just my take on this, was that it had little to do with sending NATO messages or showing strength, except maybe as a cover story for the ‘Saigon 75’ style evacuation unfolding in Syria.

    They’re an excellent source for all manner of international events, military, political, economic, you name it. They try to get to the root of what’s going on, and what it could mean in the future.

    Here is their story:

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