Greek Navy Performed Live Missile Shootings

8mOn the 16th February Greek Navy conducted an exercise with live missile shootings. The exercise was held in south east of Crete.

According to official website of Greek Navy:

One land based mobile battery fired an Exoet missile, one S-70B Seahawk helicopter fired a AGM-114 Hellifre missile, the fast attack craft P-26 Degiannis fired a Penguin Mk.2 missile. The special forces team on Degiannis even fired an AT-4 anti tank missile.

The Greek armed forces are conducting a lot live missile shooting during their exercises. I guess expending a missile that, has a very little shelf life left, is cheaper than reconditioning it. Missile shootings also boosts the morale.

According to the official website of Greek Navy the target of these munitions was the decommissioned corvette Elefthria.

By the way “elefthria” means “freedom” in English.

3 Responses to Greek Navy Performed Live Missile Shootings

  1. Dimitropoulos Fotis says:

    “By the way “elefthria” means “freedom” in English”
    A very interesting way of commenting indeed, though “Eleftheria” means “Freedom” in English, Hellenic Navy has played its crucial role in gaining it (freedom) through hard times.
    Best regards from Athens

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