USS Laboon In Kuşadası

USS Laboon docking in Kuşadası harbour. Photo:

USS Laboon docking in Kuşadası harbour. Photo:

The Arleigh Burke class destroyer DDG-58 USS Laboon arrived in Kuşadası for a 3 day rest and relaxation.

According to news reports additional security measures on land and on sea were taken to provide protection for the ship.

One Response to USS Laboon In Kuşadası

  1. Atlas_1 says:

    I was quite suprised when i saw her cause she is the first Arleigh Burke class destroyer i have ever seen in my life.I also have seen so many cops in the streets and there was a MRTP 33 patrolling nearby.Judging by their attitude and uneasiness, sailors were likely informed about the recent Anti-Usa stuff going in Turkey.

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