Greek Diaspora In USA Wants To Block Transfer Of Warships To Turkey (Part II)

I would like to thank all of my reader who has taken the pains to show me that there are two different versions of the bill called “Naval Vessel Transfer Act of 2012”. This version is what you find when you search the Library of Congress. And this version is hat you find when you search the U.S. House of Representatives.

One of the version really mentions that two Perry class frigates may be granted to Turkey. Thus I was wrong to think that the “Naval Vessel Transfer Act of 2012” was not mentioning Turkey. But I still believe that the HALC’s reaction is an unfounded or mistaken impression.

First: The Naval Vessels Transfer Act of 2012 is still in a bill and must pass both the US House of Representatives and US Senate and signed by the President. This bill may not go that far and be killed or changed somewhere along the way. Thus the wording on the bill is not final yet.

Second: In previous “Naval Vessel Transfer Acts” of earlier years Turkey was granted one destroyer USS Cushing in 2005; one mine hunter USS Black Hawk in 2006 and 2007 and two frigates USS George Philip and USS Sides in 2007. And none of these grants were taken by Turkish Government. The fact that USA granting warships does not mean that Turkey actually needs them or mean that Turkey will take them. It only means that USA is granting them; nothing more nothing less.

Third and most important point is the Gabya (Perry) class frigates in Turkish Navy service are in a better shape than the Perry class frigates in US Navy service. All Gabya class ships in Turkey service have received and extensive combat management systems modernization (GENESIS) and four of them are receiving Mk41 VLS with ESSM missiles (a capability that USN Perry’s lack) and 3D radars. It would be a very expensive and very long modernization process to upgrade the two frigates to the level of other Gabya class ships, if  the bill should become and a law and should Turkey accept the grant. It would be very wise to spend the money in local production programs instead.

I can totally understand the reason for HALC’s reaction but I still find it very illusional.


8 Responses to Greek Diaspora In USA Wants To Block Transfer Of Warships To Turkey (Part II)

  1. Kevin Brent says:

    I know that Turkey has the expertise to build their own naval vessels, but I also know that when Turkey has accepted US Navy ships, those vessels always have a good “home”. I have seen other nations simply accept our older ships “as is” and then make no effort to even maintain them to basic standards.

    You are correct that Turkey’s Gabya Class are in better shape than even the remaining Perry Class in our Navy. I’m also very impressed with how Turkey has enhanced the Gabya Class weaponry and sensors.

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