Greek Diaspora In USA Wants To Block Transfer Of Warships To Turkey

The  Hellenic American Leadership Council is campaigning against the transfer of two decommissioned US Navy warships to Turkey. Here is what they say in their campaign:

The H.R. 6649: Naval Vessel Transfer Act of 2012 was introduced last week, and we need your help to stop it.

The act has been put on the House calendar and may be voted on as soon as tomorrowH.R. 6649 transfers U.S. naval vessels to Turkey. This bill is another example of the U.S. giving preferential treatment to Turkey on the issue of defense deals, despite Turkey’s increased belligerence towards Cyprus and Israel and its continued territorial disputes with Greece.

If this bill passes, Turkey will add two U.S.-made guided missile frigates to its arsenal: the USS HALYBURTON (FFG–40) and the USS THACH (FFG–43). Until Turkey commits to a policy of peace in the region and ceases its provocative behavior which is leading to instability in the Eastern Mediterranean, the U.S. should stop giving preferential treatment to Turkey. H.R. 6649 should not pass. Write to your representative the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and demand that they vote against this ill-advised bill.

The italics and bold emphasizes are original. If they succeed could it be a dangerous blow to Turkish Navy?

Let us read the bill Naval Vessel Transfer Act of 2012.

Anyone who can spot the words “Turkey”; “Turkish Navy”, “USS Halyburton”, “USS Thach” will get a special Xmas gift from me.

The HALC is short for hallucination?


H/T: Albi.

13 Responses to Greek Diaspora In USA Wants To Block Transfer Of Warships To Turkey

  1. Dave Shirlaw says:

    Any more news about transfer of Black Hawk and Shrike to Turkey?

    • For God’s sake, what can we do with those old plastic boats? They are not in a better shape than the Upholder class when RCN bought it. And they are a money trap too.

  2. Z Man says:

    Did Greeks screw up?…..I don’t see any transfer to Turkish navy…

    On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 2:52 PM,

  3. omino says:

    Click to access BILLS-112hr6649-SUS.pdf

    search turkey

    if your proposal is real,contact me for further info

  4. mike says:

    dear sir, i assume dew to your age you r not totally familiar with the pc things ..please click on the “PDF” and afterwards move to line 15 to 18..there is your answer,i do expect my reply for the xmas gift in my email account ,thus a shame though as i did considered you as one of the well informed reporters and quite objective voices…

  5. mike says:

    i really do wonder though …you still believe HALC means hallucination???Please for god’s sake you r a reporter,and i believe a good one(personal opinion),your mistake ,misinformation,boredom to click on the PDF tab whatever anyway,misleads your followers,do not make a fool of your shelf by not apologise,it would be of great dissapointment..

  6. Alex says:

    you can see it here

    «(3) TURKEY.—To the Government of Turkey, the OLIVER HAZARD PERRY class guided missile frigates USS HALYBURTON (FFG–40) and USS THACH (FFG–43).»

    you dont search for it it well my friend……

  7. Enlightenement says:

    The above communique, basically a propaganda piece, does nothing to serve for neighborly relations between the regional Powerhouse Turkey and the ‘Banana Republic of the EU, Greece’! Why on earth would the US give bancrupt Greece, a nation with the population of ‘Istanbul’? … in regards to alleged beliggerence it was Israel who massacered nine unarmed Turkish Activists in International waters not the other way around. As for the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ was it not the racist ‘Southern Greek Cypriot Administration’ who rejected the UN referendum in Annan’s plan thus sealing the fate of the island? The ‘Cyprus problem’ has been solved since 1974 as no Turkish civilians have been murdered by Greek Cypriot Militias. Happy new year and pleasant unrealistic ‘Megali Dreams’ to all who fantasizes the return of the TRNC!

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