Smetlivy Left Italy after Repairs

According to Russian website, the Russian destroyer Smetlivy left Italy.

She was in the Mediterranean Sea to take part in the joint Russo-Italian naval exercise IONIEX-2012.  Smetlivy apparently suffered a problem with her fuel system so that it was necessary to repair her in Taranto naval base. She will join other Russian ships already in the Mediterranean and they will altogether sail to Gulf of Aden to combat piracy.

It was earlier said that one of oil pump blocks was broken down on BSF destroyer Smetlivy that had called at Italian port Taranto after completion of the IONIEX-2012 joint naval exercise. The ship’s commanding staff decided to ask Italian partners to help. 

In order to eliminate the failure found in the Russian destroyer, Italian Navy’s workshops made the needed parts in a day. When the crew had finished all repair works, Smetlivy departed from Taranto in the evening of Nov 13 and is currently heading for assigned zone in the Mediterranean Sea. 

BSF task group consisting of Guards missile cruiser Moskva, landing ship Saratov, and replenishment tanker Ivan Bubnov is performing combat training tasks in the East Mediterranean. 

The ships are holding joint tactical drills practicing short-range antisubmarine and antiaircraft warfare. It is planned to conduct watch officer drills, train signalmen and radar operators, and carry out damage control drills. 

The task group will be soon reinforced by BSF landing ship Novocherkassk which is to pass the Black Sea Straits in the next few days. 

Late in Nov, the task group will pass the Suez Canal and start anti-piracy mission near the Horn of Africa early in Dec, reports Russian defense ministry


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