Pakistani Warship Will Take Part In Turkish Naval Exercise Mavi Balina 12

Tomorrow Turkish and Pakistani navies will start a joint naval exercise off the coast of Turkey. The exercise called Mavi Balina 12 will start on 5th November and will end on 14th.

Pakistan Navy ship “PNS Shamsheer” will be visiting Aksaz Naval Base Marmaris and Antalya harbour from 5 to 14 November and will participate in joint exercise “Mavi Baline-12” with the Turkish Navy.

 Pakistan Navy P3C-Orion aircraft will also participate in the exercise from Dalaman,said a statement received here Saturday from Ankara.

 The ship will stay at Aksaz Naval Base from 5-8 November and at Antalya from 12-14 November. The vessel is a multi-mission frigate and embarks a Z9EC helicopter.

 PNS Shamsheer is the second ship of SWORD Class Frigates and forms mainstay of Pakistan Navy surface combatants. Installation of state of the art weapons and sensors onboard makes her an extremely versatile warship with tremendous firepower to effectively thwart possible threats at sea.

Mavi Balina exercise is fast transforming into an important regional forum to promote Collaborative Maritime Security and interoperability.

The presence of a number of major navies and various senior delegations from important countries is indicative of the fact that Mavi Balina is evolving into a common forum for both Western and Eastern nations, to share, discuss and propose solutions for Collaborative Maritime Security which is one of the critical contemporary maritime challenges.

PNS Shamsheer participation in this exercise will further strengthen existing bilateral relations.


PNS Shamsher is the second ship of the Chines build Zulfiquar F-22P class frigates in Pakistani Navy. I don’t know whether the participating Pakistani P-3C Orion ASW plane is one of the survivors of the attack on PNS Mehran base in 2011 or one of the new ones USA has given to Pakistan in 2012.

H/T: Dave Shirlaw from Sea Waves.

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  1. trilateral exercise, with also US Navy participating (destroyer FORREST SHERMAN and a P3-C Orion maritime patrol aircraft)

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