Tidbits Of The Week

Tidbits from the thing that happened during the week:

1)  General Necdet Özel, the Chief of General Staff and the Commander of Turkish Armed Forces visited Naval units this week. On Tuesday he was at the main naval base in Gölcük, Kocaeli and visited and inspected the Naval Command and some undisclosed units. On Wednesday he visited, Naval War College, Naval High School, the Northern Naval Area Command and the Naval Education and Training Command. The was accompanied by Admiral Murat Bilgel, commander of Turkish Naval Forces.

2) According to Turkish media 4 frigates and one submarine sailed through the Dardanelles and moved in the Mediterranean. The same news appeared in a number of paper and online publications with very minor differences but as all copied from the same source non was able to tell the pennant numbers of the frigates or the names of the ships. I am even suspicious if the ships were really frigates as most of the media reporters cannot tell the difference. But in the aftermath of the artillery duels across the Turkish – Syrian border and the authorization of the deployment of troops for cross-border military action by Turkish parliament it is safe to assume that the mentioned  ships were really frigates.

3) A single submarine passing thought the Dardanelles towards the Mediterranean on Tuesday was identified as S-358 TCG Çanakkale.

4) The frigate F-495 TCG Gediz is in Tunisia, conducting a good will visit as part of NATO’s Standing Nato Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2).

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