Those Were The Days My Friend…

Syrian President Mr. Assad with Turkish President Mr. Gül (both with hats on) having one of those joyful days on board of Turkish coast guard vessel TCSG-303. Just two years ago, before the arrival of Arab Spring.


Today Turkish parliament authorized the deployment of troops for cross-border military action. And if you read the resolution carefully you will see that this authorization is not limited to the Syrian border. The Turkish government insists  that this one year-long mandate is not a declaration of war but it is intended as a deterrent. The mandate,  was passed by 320 votes in the 550-seat Turkish parliament.

Two years ago, before the arrival of the Arab Spring the Syrian President Assad was not a villain but a trusted business partner. The Turkish President Mr. Gül took him for a fast ride across the Bosphorus on a Turkish build coast guard vessel with the intentions of selling some of these boats to Syria without a doubt.

Now let’s sing all together:

…We thought they’d never end
We’d sing and dance forever and a day
We’d live the life we choose
We’d fight and never lose
For we were young and sure to have our way.
La la la la…
Those were the days, oh yes those were the days…




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