I Don’t Know About Elvis, But William R. Hearst Is Alive And Lives In Turkey.

Today Doğan Haber Ajansı (DHA), a local news agency run a story of heightened activity in Gölcük Naval Base and speculated that the navy was preparing itself for action off the Coast of Syria. The story was later picked up by UPI and published in English.

According to the original story of the DHA Turkish Navy has increased the speed of the preparations for a deployment in East Mediterranean. “A number of warships and submarines” were deployed to the Mediterranean Sea from military bases in the Turkish north. The article described the vessels as loaded with cargo labeled “war load”.The text was accompanied by a short video and some photos.

The journalist of DHA also made a short video across the naval base showing the alleged preparations.  I believe that this news of DHA is more or less useless, a piece of crap.

First of all the journalist were not able to observe the submarine berthing area inside the Gölcük Naval base from the point where they shot the video. Therefore the information about the submarines being loaded by war load is not true or is just an assumption. Otherwise they would show it in the video or among the photos.

Second all the photographic information DHA can offer to support its allegation that reinforcing its naval assets in the Mediterranean following a Syrian attack across the border, Consists of F-246 TCG Salihreis receiving some unidentified supplies at a finger pier. This photo I believe is the source of the DHA’s hyped story as indeed something being loaded to the frigate. The other evidence DHA supplies is a naval AB-212 ASW helicopter landing on the F-245 TCG Oruçreis. In fact the video shows the main area of Gölcük Naval Yard for a short period where a heightened activity was unnoticeable.

We should not forget that on Sunday 7th October 2012 a joint naval exercise between Turkey and Egypt will start. So some ships will participate in this exercise and they must get prepared for this deployment.  There is simply not enough evidence that the two frigates getting ready for the deployment will eventually will end up off the shores of Syria.

If William Randolph Hearst would be alive he would be very proud of the ultra nationalistic tone of the Turkish press and its Jingoism in the last couple days.

4 Responses to I Don’t Know About Elvis, But William R. Hearst Is Alive And Lives In Turkey.

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  2. Dave Shirlaw says:

    Reminds me of reports that US is massing carriers off Iran every few months when in fact it is the normal rotation.

  3. Eagle1 says:

    Gotta love the W R Hears reference!

    • Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your comment on Hearst.

      I suppose you should be glad that you have not been exposed to the Turkish media last week. I may have singled out one story as it was naval related, but there were literally hundreds of similar stories, analyses and opinions.

      Some opinion writers in order to gain appreciation from the government, forget the basic speed and distance problems they have solved in Junior high school and decided that Turkish tanks would arrive in a couple hours at Damascus.

      I don’t know whether the whole episode -which calmed down a bit- would make Mr. Hearst proud or turn in his grave.

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