Russian Submarine Alrosa Is Closer To Home

The submarine Alrosa docking in Ceuta. Photo: From

The Kilo class Russian submarine Alrosa, in escort of the tugs Shakhter and SB-921 is nearing her home port.

The task force arrived in 6th September 2012 in Spanish enclave of Ceuta.

Ceuta was visited by 23 Russian warships since 2012 which has become a major point of provisioning.

The task force is currently off the Greek island Milos and approximately 240 nautical miles from the Dardanelles.

 A submarine and two tugs of the Russian Navy will call at Ceuta between Saturday and Monday. Specifically, the first tug arrived on Monday morning and will do the submarine and the second tug. These tugs’ Shakter ‘and salvage tug’ SB-921 ‘and the submarine “-B-871 Alrosa’ than other ships of the Russian fleet returns to dock at the port facilities. 
Tomorrow comes ‘Shakter’, having expected to dock at the Levante dock doing work fueling and provisioning.This ship has a staff composed of two officers, ten petty officers and sailors, as well as 40 civilian crew, they were already in July last year and will again in a few days while completing Ceuta provisioning tasks. 
For Monday is due to arrive submarine ‘Alrosa’ belonging to the Black Sea Fleet, has a staff of 60 crew, consisting of 18 officers, 24 petty officers and sailors, who also conduct spring victualling in Spain, where you take fuel, water and provisions. Also another salvage tug will have the same characteristics as above and also perform provisioning tasks. 
Throughout the months of this year and the units whose arrival is expected this weekend, will be a total of 7 ships have come to port so far this year. In total, since the first ship of the Russian Navy arrived in Ceuta in 2010 and the latter to have come in 2012, just two years ago, are a total of 23, the Russian ships that have chosen the Port of Ceuta for their provisioning tasks. 
The Chamber of Commerce has issued a circular to the shops are open.


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