Chinese Puzzle Solved

The PLAN replenishment tanker Weishan Hu.

All warships of the 11th Chinese naval escort task force of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are all present and accounted for.

The activities of the destroyer Quingdao 113 and the frigate Yantai 538 were easier to follow and to report. But the replenishment tanker Weishan Hu 877 was unaccounted for since she entered into the Mediterranean Sea. On Saturday she arrived at Dardanelles and passed it entering to Marmara Sea. She did not passed through the Bosphorus though. She is currently in Istanbul with Quingdau conducting a good will visit. And the frigate Yantai is in Varna.

Weishan Hu can carry 10500 tons fuel, 250 tons of water, 680 tons of ammunition.

Here is a short summary of the activities of PLAN ships since they have entered into the Mediterranean Sea:

Quingdao Yantai Weishan Hu
23 July Suez Suez Suez
29 July Dardanelles Dardanelles  – ? –
30 July Bosphorus Bosphorus  – ? –
31 July Sevastopol Constanta  – ? –
4 August Underway Underway Dardanelles
5 August Istanbul Varna Istanbul

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