The Russians Are Coming

This is going to be fun to watch. This is from Russian naval website Thanks for my faithful reader Tom for the tip.

Turkish authorities were informed through diplomatic channels that Russian warships would pass Black Sea straits in Aug 11-12. 

Passage of straits Dardanelles and Bosporus by Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet (NF) task force comprising three landing ships – Alexander OtrakovskyGeorgy Pobedonosets, and Kondopoga – is fully complies with the Montreux Convention as of overall displacement of a task force passing through the Turkish straits. 

Visit of Novorossiysk Naval Base will be held in accordance with the cruise plan which main purpose is to perform interfleet trip. In Novorossiysk, NF ships will replenish water, food, and fuel supplies. 

Through the recent 10 years, interfleet cruises have become regular combat training activity in Russian Navy. Among ships performed interfleet cruises in different time were nuclear-powered missile cruiser Petr Veliky (from Northern Fleet to Pacific Fleet), and Guard missile cruiser Moskva (from Black Sea Fleet to Pacific Fleet).

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