The Activity Of PLAN Ships In The Black Sea (Part 2)

There is she! The PLAN frigate Yantai, arriving at Constanta port, Romania. Photo: Xinhua/Gabriel Petrescu

Yesterday, when I have reported about the Sevastopol visit of the PLAN destroyer Quigdao, I have asked where the PLAN frigate Yantai have disappeared. Today she has appeared in Constanta, Romania for an official visit until 4th August 2012.

This answers my question about the whereabout of the Chinese warships in the Black Sea. The replenishment tanker Weishan Hu 887 is still unaccounted for.

According to excellent Romanian military blog the frigate Yantai will conduct a good will visit in Romania. This is the google translation of the blog post for more details:

Corroborating information on Romanian Navy website and published in the newspaper Old citing news agency ITAR-TASS, we announce the following:– Chinese ships entered the Black Sea at the invitation of Ukraine;

– Two Chinese ships were involved in anti-piracy mission in Gulf of Aden desfpăşurată;
– Destroyer Qingdao will make a stopover in Sevastopol between 31 July and 5 August;
– Yan-Tai frigate will be calling at the port of Constanta in period 31 July to 4 August.
Regarding the visit of Chinese ship in the port of Constanta, find the press release no. 34 issued by the Romanian Navy General Staff, the following:

On this occasion the Chinese sailors will be welcomed by the local civil and military, will visit the frigate “Regina Maria” school ship “Mircea” The Romanian Navy Museum and participate in sports competitions with Romanian soldiers sailors at Naval Academy “Mircea “. Also, the crew will visit some tourist attractions in Constanta.

For more photos of Yantai in Constanta click here.

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  4. Dan Exiner says:

    Gentlemen, Thank you for your witty comments about the Chinese squadron passing through the straits. This morning the vessels pictured in your webpage arrived at Haifa Port, Israel.
    Cheers, Dan Exiner, Haifa, Aug. 13, 2012

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