Two Chinese Warships Are In Turkey

The Jingkai II (Type 054A) class frigate 538 Yantai, passing through Dardanelles. Captured from the linked video.

I know the title of this blog does not says much but I do not have much info about this latest naval development either.

According to Turkish news portals, two Chinese warships the Ludu (Type 052A) class destroyer 113 Qingdao and the Jingkai II (Type 054A) class frigate 538 Yantai passed trough the Dardanelles this afternoon.

The ships entered the straits at around 14:00 local time and finished their transits at 16:45. Both ships are currently in the Marmara Sea and are heading to Istanbul. Their final destination is an undisclosed harbor in the Black Sea.

Here is a short video showing both ships in Çanakkale.


Click here for the photos of PLAN ships passing through Bosphorus.

Click here and here for the activities of the PLAN ships in the Black Sea.

7 Responses to Two Chinese Warships Are In Turkey

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  3. liotier says:

    Is one of them the one that was seen transiting the Suez Canal on sunday ?,7340,L-4261923,00.html

    • As far as I know there are 3 PLAN warships in this region. Two are definitely in the Black Sea, as I have seen them with my own eyes passing through the Bosphorus. And then there is the third one, loitering in the eastern Med. But I think that the two I have seen today are not mentioned in this article. The Suez canal is a not wide and offers numerous photo opportunities. I don’t understand why there are no photographic concrete evidence of the passing ships through that canal.

      Edit: There is talk about a third replenishment tanker, “Weishanhu” (hull 887). In that case one the PLAN ships I have seen today might be the one, The Egyptian newspaper reported.

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