The Naval Exercise Sea Breeze 2012 Has Ended

The landing ship U 402 Konstantin Olshansky, disembarking the Ukrainian marines. Photo: Ukraine Armed Forces

The Sea Breeze 2012 naval exercise (not to be confused with Breeze naval exercise organised by Bulgaria) organized by Ukraine and held in Odessa has finished. It is  the largest multinational maritime exercise in the Black Sea.

1,500 troops from 16 countries, including U.S., Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Algiers, Bangladesh, Belgium, Denmark, Georgia, Israel, Canada, Moldova, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Qatar, Turkey.

The list of the ships participated in the exercise is as follows:

U 130 Hetman Sagaidachny Frigate Ukraine
U 402 Konstantin Olshansky Landing Ship Ukraine
U 360 Genichesk Mine Sweeper Ukraine
U 705 Kremenets Salvage Tug Ukraine
T-ARS 51 USNS Grasp Salvage Tug USA
DDG-109 USS Jason Dunham Destroyer USA
P-331 TCG Kalkan Fast Attack Craft Turkey
P-333 TCG Tufan Fast Attack Craft Turkey
A-572 TCG Yzb. İhsan Tolunay Tanker Turkey
P-24 Sokhumi Coast Guard Craft Georgia

BlackSeaNews has a good coverage of the exercise with many interesting photos:

The Sea Breeze 2012 (Part 1)

The Sea Breeze 2012 (Part 2)

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