M/V Namrun Attacked By Pirates

Let me warn you that this is not a recent news story.

Four days ago on 27th June 2012, the Turkish owned and Maltese flagged Supramax bulk carrier M/V Namrun was attacked by pirates as she was passing through the Gulf Of Aden. She was  near position 14:22 N – 054:38 E, approximately 110 nm north of Socotra Island. According to a Turkish maritime web site, the security team on board of M/V Namrun returned fire as the pirates attacked with machine guns and rocket propelled grenades, killing 3 of the pirates.

However there are other stories on internet about the same incident which do not mention any loss of life.

After a two day hunt in the Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea, NATO’s flagship HNLMS Evertsen boarded a pirated dhow on June 29 and released seven hijacked Indian and Bangladeshi crew members. The Omani flagged dhow Nebarkad had been hijacked on 20th June off the coast of Oman, and was used by the pirates to attack merchant vessels in the Arabian Sea.

The two day operation was the conclusion of a longer period in which a group of suspected pirates used dhows to conduct attacks on merchant vessels throughout the Arabian Sea. On 27th June an alarm call came in from the MV Namrun a Maltese flagged bulk carrier. The captain stated that an unknown dhow had attempted to attack it and shots were fired.

After swift consultation with the other maritime forces, including the EU, in the operating area the commander of NATO’s Task Force, Commodore Ben Bekkering, dispatched the Evertsen.

The warship covered almost 300 nautical miles in 10 hours to the area north-east of Socotra. Although known positions seemed to indicate the dhow was heading south toward for Somalia, the bad weather caused by strong monsoon winds and a very rough sea, forced her back.

After an intensive search, aided by a Japanese Maritime Patrol Aircraft, the Lynx helicopter of Evertsen detected the dhow on Thursday afternoon, as it entered the Yemeni territorial waters. At first light this morning as the dhow headed south towards Somalia HNLMS Evertsen approached the dhow for a boarding. The dhow initially attempted to evade at speed. As the boarding team approached, the hijacked crew jumped overboard. While they were brought to safety, the dhow was secured by Dutch marines who detained seven suspected pirates.

Regardless to which version of the events you want to believe, it was a close call for the ship and her crew.

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