The Breeze 2012 Naval Exercise Starts Tomorrow

M-501 TCG Finike will take part in naval exercise Sea Breeze 2012

According to Sofia News Agency, the Bulgarian Navy will host the Breeze 2012 naval drills in the Western Black Sea.

The Breeze 2012 training will take place June 22-July 1, 2012, with the southern Bulgarian Black Sea port of Burgas serving as a base.

The goal of Breeze 2012 will be to improve the interoperability of multinational naval forces of NATO nations.

It will feature participation by the Bulgarian Navy, the Turkish Navy, the Greek Navy, a US patrol air plane, and three ships from the Second Permanent Naval Group of NATO.

During the Breeze 2012 drills, the Bulgarian frigate Drazki will have its NATO MAREVAL certification affirmed.

Turkish Navy announced participation of the following vessels to the Sea Breeze 2012. One Turkish frigate currently assigned to SNMG-2 will also take part.

S-355 TCG 18 Mart Submarine
P-340 TCG Doğan Fast Attack Craft
P-343 TCG Volkan Fast Attack Craft
M-500 TCG Foça Mine Hunter
M-501 TCG Finike Mine Hunter
A-571 TCG Albay Hakkı Burak Tanker

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