USNS Grasp Returns To The Black Sea

The position and the course of USNS Grasp as I wrote this post.

I had reported about the port visit of the Safeguard class salvage ship of the US Military Sealift Command T-ARS-51 USNS Grasp in Istanbul last week.

I had the impression that after leaving Istanbul USNS Grasp would be heading to the Mediterranean as had spent at least 14 days in the Black Sea where she took part in Eurasia Partnership (EP) Dive 2012.

But I was wrong.

USNS Grasp re-entering the Black Sea on 16th June 2012

She made a large U-turn in the Marmara Sea after leaving Istanbul and crossed through the Bosphorus again northbound on 16th June 2012.She seems to be heading to Odessa this time.

The Black Sea News website has an extended coverage of the latest activities of USNS Grasp in the Black Sea.

I was not able to take photos of this ship when she was in Istanbul. May be I get lucky and can take photos of her, when she passes again through Bosphorus, leaving the Black Sea.

4 Responses to USNS Grasp Returns To The Black Sea

  1. gavro says:

    20.06.2012 will be in ODESSA!

  2. Huseyin Akcayurek says:

    Is she considered to be a military ship or a civilian ship. More importantly, are the constraints of Montreux Convention applicable to her too? I’m wondering if this is a politically correct way of showing American flag in the black sea, especially when there are talks of Russians sending several ships to Syria.

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