TCSG Umut On Builders Trials

The large coast guard search and rescue ship SG703 TCSG Umut on sea trials.

If I had arrived 10 minutes earlier, I would be able to take a better photo of TCSG Umut from the broadside showing more of the ship; instead I have this photo taken at the large end of my telephoto lens and cropped at %100 size.

TCSG Umut is the third ship of the class was was launched on 31st May 2011. The first ship of the class TCG Dost was launched in June 2010 and was supposed to be handed over to the end user in March 2012. Similarly the second ship of the class TCSG Güven las launched in December 2010 and was scheduled for a transfer to the Turkish Coast Guard in May 2012.

I think the fact that the ship was sailing to the open seas for trials on Saturday, shows that the builder is feeling the pressure to deliver. anyway I wish TCSG Umut – means hope in English- friendly seas and following winds.



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  1. Huseyin Akcayurek says:

    Hey Devrim,
    You may find this interesting. Look at times 2:00-2:45

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