TCG Preveze Performed The Longest Submerged Cruise Of Turkish Silent Service

A Type 209 class submarine very similar to TCG Preveze in performance. She might even be the TCG Preveze itself. There is no way of telling, from the out side.

In the 2011 Annual Report of the Turkish Defence Ministry it was stated that the Turkish submarine S-353 TCG Preveze stayed continuously submerged for consecutive 32 days during the Operation Unified Protector.

This 32 days of submerged operation of TCG Preveze is a new record for the Turkish silent service. According to Jane’s Fighting Ships the Type 209 class submarines have an endurance of 50 days.  Theoretically, since invention of snorkeling by Germans during the Second World War, the endurance of a diesel-electric conventional submarine is limited by the amount of food provision and the fuel it carries on board. Compared to the submerged endurance of nuclear powered submarines the 32 days may seem to be short but for the operations in the Mediterranean 32 days may be sufficient.

Interestingly most other navies would boast about such extreme performances to create a positive PR about the silence service not it was not even mentioned by the Turkish Navy public announcements.

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