A Hundred Years Old Mine Was Found In Didim

The mine. Photo from Hürriyet.com

On 31st May 2012, an old and rusty mine was found in a popular beach in Didim, Aydın.

A swimmer notified the local  police about an odd-shaped rusty metal object laying on the sea floor after she/he injured her/his feed by it. The local police turned to the coast guard for help. Eventually the Navy EOD teams arrived at the beach and after two days work the mine was dragged out of the water to be disposed.

The naval EOD experts stated that the mine was from First World War and was at least one hundred years old and thankfully it was no longer functional.

Click here to watch a video of the salvage of the mine. Every year several old mines are found in the waters around Turkey.

The mine in close. Photo from Stargündem.com

4 Responses to A Hundred Years Old Mine Was Found In Didim

  1. Mehmet Kale says:

    I remember Captain Corelli’ s Mandolin and Lemoni.

  2. Nikitas Prasinos says:

    Very risky removal.

    • I guess the way of removing the mine was decided after it was inspected carefully, therefore the removal might not as risky as it seems in the photos.

    • Huseyin says:

      Actually, according to the news reports, they have confirmed that the mine lost its explosive properties, so they took it out instead of exploding it there. In fact, you can see the large hole on the mine yourself.

      I was questioning the removal procedure in the previous article where the condition of the mine was not described. So, now that we now this mine was inactive, I think it is safe to conclude this is a standard policy for SAS teams. Even if a mine is no longer safety hazard, they still remove and explode it.

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