Aerial Reconnaissance

This is a photo of F-512 TCG Büyükada the second ship of Milgem Class, taken from an airplane window.

F-512 TCG Büyükada

She was launched on 27th September 2012. Since then she is being fitted in Istanbul Naval Shipyard. The construction seems to be focused on the forecastle and on the flight deck. There is  a scaffolding around the mast. Judging the state of her construction she might be ready for commissioning in 2013.

The four ships of Dost class together

In this photo all four Dost class large search and rescue ships being constructed for the Turkish Coast Guard can be seen at the RMK Shipyard. SG-701 TCSG Dost, and SG-702 TCG Güven were launched in 2010 and SG-703 TCSG Umut was launched in 2011.  SG-704 TCG Yaşam is still on the slipyard.

The contract for the construction of 4 ships at RMK Marine Shipyard was signed on 16 January 2007. The keel of the first ship was laid on 3 Mayıs 2008. The design of the these ships are based on the Sirio class vessels produced by Italian Fincantieri.  According to original news reports from 2008 – 2010 era, TCSG Dost was supposed to be handed over to Turkish Coast Guard in 2011 and the other two ships were scheduled for delivery in this year.


2 Responses to Aerial Reconnaissance

  1. Dave Shirlaw says:

    Here’s what I have right now:

    TCSG Dost SG 701 SAR Ord 16 Jan 07 LD 07 Oct 09 L 09 Jun 10 Trials May 11 Comm 2011?
    TCSG Güven SG 702 SAR L 17 Dec 10 Del 2012
    TCSG Umut SG 703 SAR Cutter Ord 16 Jan 2007 L 31 May 11 Del 2012
    TCSG Yasam SG 704 SAR Cutter Ord 16 Jan 2007 Del 2012

    • Hi Dave,

      I personally think that it is very difficult for RMK to meet these delivery deadlines. a delay of at least 6 months is quite possible.

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