TCG Giresun, The NATO Flagship Saves 7 Yemeni Fishermen And Catches 14 Somali Pirates

TCG Giresun’s helicopter hovering over the dhow.

According to a statement from Turkish General Staff, F-491 TCG Giresun boarded a Yemeni fishing vessel on the morning of 11th May 2012.

TCG Giresun a Gabya class frigate, is the Turkish contribution to NATO’s SNMG-2 task force. This tack force is commanded by Read Admiral Sinan Tosun. SNMG-2 is currently acting as NATO’s anti piracy task force TF-508.

The S-70B Seahawk helicopter attached to TCG Giresun spotted the dhow at 14:50, 190 nautical miles off the coast of Yemen. The dhow acting as a mother ship was stopped by the helicopter and TCG Giresunarrived at the dhow and the naval special forces team boarded the dhow at 17:00. 14 Somali pirates were arrested and 7 Yemeni fisherman, the original crew of the dhow were freed by naval commandos.

Sized equipment and weapons

Nine AK-47 infantry rifles, one RPG-7 rocket launcher, three RPG-7 warheads, ammunition and materials associated with piracy such as ladders, extra fuel barrels, spare engine, GPS devices and mobile phones were seized.

As the commanding officer of the task force is already on the board of the TCG Giresun, I guess the communication and forwarding of the orders happened in a fast and smooth way.

Click herefor the official statement of Turkish General Staff.

Naval commandos boarding the dhow

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