M/V Atlantic Cruiser Turns Out To Be Clean

The Turkish Customs and Trade Minister Hayati Yazici, declared that the German owned and Antigua Barbuda flagged merchant ship M/V Atlantic Cruiser was not carrying any weapons or military equipment to Syria.

This is the Google translation of his statement:

The ship was searched on notice. Products to several countries, has started on the ship.Ship, a portion of the products in Turkey and Syria, while the other part was planning to leave Karabakh. Syria first to vacate the ship should have the burden of this, the opposition forces ‘approach here, bringing weapons as’ reacted. Threatened as a result of their search in Iskenderun, where he befriends a product bear any objectionable, not only in ship-Karabakh is a material used in making fireworks concludes. He qualifies as material handling, of course, weapons. Call screening is over. As of yesterday evening concluded to continue the path. I think it’s going to ship today in accordance with designated route. 

The material destined to Syria turns out to be part for a thermal plant and other miscellaneous machinery. This load will be delivered by road transportation.

M/V Atlantic Cruiser is expected to leave İskenderun on 27th April 2012.

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