BlackSeaFor Task Force Will Leave Sevastopol

F-240 TCG Yavuz, entering Sevastopol harbor. Photo: Official Ukraine Armed Forces

On 17th April 2012, the ships of the BlackSeaFor naval task force will end their port visit in Sevastopol, Ukraine and will be sailing again for further training.

This is the google translation of the official announcement from the Ukraine Defence Ministry website:

April 10-12 ships, after four-day stay in the port of Constanta (Romania), which began on April 6 activation, on the way to Sevastopol on the Black Sea held a series of exercises, including the control of trade shipping, air and surface conditions, search and rescue , towing, cargo transfer, swimming in the order.

According to the visit, today, April 13, held a meeting protocol command prompt connection with ships acting commander of the type of Armed Forces of Ukraine Vice-Admiral George Il’yinym.

Vice Admiral George Il’yin at the meeting expressed satisfaction with the state of friendly relations in the framework agreement BLACKSEAFOR.

– The Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine responsible attitude to training and directly participate in activation, because we believe that the connection BLACKSEAFOR ships played a major role in maintaining peace and stability in the Black Sea region – said the acting commander of the Navy Armed Forces of Ukraine. He also expressed hope that the sailors BLACKSEAFOR member countries will remain the best references to stay in Sevastopol.

The commander of the operational connection BLACKSEAFOR captain 1 rank Yury Zemsky (Russian Federation), in turn, thanked the Ukrainian side for the warm welcome and stressed the importance of cooperation between the sailors to strengthen friendly relations.

Protocol meeting also took place in Sevastopol City State Administration.

Crews of ships BLACKSEAFOR during his stay in Sevastopol will be able to see the historical sights of the city.

14 and 15 April from 15.00 to 18.00 ships BLACKSEAFOR connection will be open to visiting guests and residents of Sevastopol.

As planned, 17 April operational international connection will be released from the port of Sevastopol on the implementation of other measures, the plan activation, will last through April 24.

For more news on BlackSeaFor’s April activation click here.

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