The April Activation Of The BlackSeaFor Has Started

158 RFS Tsesar Kunikov in Istanbul, in 2008.

On 6th April 2012 the Spring Activation of the call-on naval task force BlackSeaFor has started in Constanta, Romania.

The Russian Federation is in command of the BlackSeaFor since August 2011 and the Russian landing ship Tsesar Kunikov is the flagship of the force. This activation of the BlackSeaFor will last until 24th April. during this period the task force will spend 6 days underway and 12 days in visiting Constanta, Sevastopol and Istanbul.

This is the current composition of BlackSeaFor:

158 RFS Tsesar Kunikov (Flagship) Russia Landing Ship
F-240 TCG Yavuz Turkey Frigate
13 BGS Reshitelni Bulgaria Corvette
264 ROS C.A. Eustatiu Sebastian Romania Corvette
U-311 UPS Cherkasy Ukraine Minehunter

During this activation of the task force following activities are scheduled:

Peace support operation, and search and rescue training,
Participating in joint training Exercise Deniz Yıldızı 2012,
Maritime, tactical maneuvering and combat training.


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