Russian Destroyer Smetlivy Passed Through Bosphorus

Fog of war or smoke and mirrors? Russian destroyer Smetlivy on her way to Mediterranean Sea.

The Kashin class Russian destroyer Smetlivy passed through Bosphorus this morning. According to news on Turkish media she is on her way to Syrian port Tartus.

The large anti-submarine ship (I guess this means destroyer in Russian) Smetlivy was laid in 1966 and commissioned in 1969. She is the sole remaining Kashin class destroyer and is attached to Russian Black Sea Fleet. She was refitted from 1990 till 1996. Though she is one of the oldest vessels of the Black Sea Fleet, she is still very active.

I am not sure whether she has received as ticked for polluting the air of Istanbul but as you can see she was smoking heavily- remaining me that Deep Purple song! I am not a marine propulsion expert but her machinery may not be in a good condition.


21 Responses to Russian Destroyer Smetlivy Passed Through Bosphorus

  1. Dave Shirlaw says:

    The oldest active destroyer in the world. Second is HMCS Iroquois.

    • Dave, thanks for the info. I thought the Gearing class in Mexican Navy was the oldest destroyer in service. But I do not know how much active that ship is.

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  4. Randy Mott says:

    This will be very effective against the Syrian dissidents’ submarines!

  5. Harland says:

    Jeez, looks like that ship is on fire.

  6. Christopher Holland says:

    I have been to Russia and my impression after a month is: if it is Russian then it is not in good condition

  7. joltinjoe says:

    Hey they are having caviar on the barbie! Don’t knock it.

  8. joltinjoe says:

    There is only one NAVY in the world. We all know which one!

    • Bill80205 says:

      I hope the traitor in the White House and his Democrat cronies don’t get the chance to dismantle our Navy. We all know he will try if he gets re-elected.

    • Peggy says:

      Amen. I pity the fools that would try and take it on.

      We know what happened to the last “navy” that tried ;-)

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  11. Jim Sweet says:

    The Russian Navy has been a joke since I can rememeber. The only part of it worth anything stategically has been it’s submarine fleet. Maybe that’s just because you can’t see the Smoke Under The Water. (all respects to Deep Purple)

  12. mcpon says:

    I hope they don´t pass near Sicilly, people midght get in panic, thinking mount etna is about to errupt !!!

  13. r charles says:

    tracking israeli boomers, ah?

  14. serhan says:

    We shouldnt underestimate their submarine forces. In any case of conflict They can create important problem with them like Germans in WW II.

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