Commander Of US 6th Fleet Visits Greek Warships

VADM Pandolfe on board P-68 HS Danilos. Photo: Greek Naval Forces.

The commander of US 6th Fleet,  VADM Frank Craig Pandolfe, made an official visit to Greece in 28th and 29th March 2012.

According to official Greek Navy web site, VADM Pandolfe  visited the Fleet Headquarters where he met with Chief of Navy Rear Admiral Konstantinos Mazarakis Ainians, on 28th March 2012 Navy and boarded the submarine and S-120 HS Papanikolis and fast attack boat P-68 HS Danilos.

Yesterday, on 29th March 2012, VADM Frank Craig Pandolfe, visited the Navy General Staff, where he met with the Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Kosmas Christidis.


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