Two Turkish Warships Collided During Training

P-338 TCG Bora. Ten days ago in Dardanelles.

Today two Turkish patrol boats P-337 TCG Atak and P-338 TCG Bora collided in Marmara Sea. Both boats are afloat but 8 sailors have been injured.

Neither Turkish Navy nor the Turkish General Staff made any public announcements about the accident therefore all information including the names of the boats are yet to be officially verified.

According to news reports the two ships were conducting a training in Marmara Sea before the upcoming yearly major naval exercise Deniz Kurdu2012.

The accident happened when two boats are maneuvering in high speed alongside. 8 sailors have been injured during the collision. The injured were brought to Istanbul on fast intervention craft of Turkish Coast Guard and were taken to a military hospital.

P-337 TCG Atak. Last year in Dardanelles.

The content of the damage to the ships are not know yet, but I do not think that the damage it extensive.

Here is a short video taken as the injured sailors are transferred from coast guard boat to the ambulances.


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