Stratfor Uses Bosphorus Naval News As A Source. So Why Don’t You?

Today I was reading one of the hacked e-mails from the private US intelligence company Stratfor. Last year in December a hacker collective known as Anonymous claimed responsibility for crashing the Web site of the Stratfor Global Intelligence Service. The hacker declared that they have obtained the full client list including their credit cards information, as well as over 200 GB of email correspondence.

Since the beginning of March these e-mails are being published by Wikileaks and other associated websites. So of these e-mail especially those about Turkey and Turkish politics found a large audience in Turkish media.

While I was reading this particular e-mail with the subject line “Re: Discussion – Turkey/MIL – The Turkish Navy” dated “Jul 2, 2009 20:01” with Email ID 982788, I have realized that one of the indicated sources in the attached word file and used for the basis of the analyses was my own blog.

My blog post on the acquisition plans of 2 three masted schooner type training ships was one of the referred sources. I was delighted to see that Stratfor used my postings as a source for their work but I was also saddened that I have been largely misinterpreted by the Stratfor analyst.

Well, read the Stratfor mail and my blog post and decide for yourself.


2 Responses to Stratfor Uses Bosphorus Naval News As A Source. So Why Don’t You?

  1. Huseyin says:

    I think he meant “turkish navy lacks training vessels” but mistakenly dropped the vessels. Regardless, I agree that he missed what you were saying but that can be understandable. For someone who doesn’t know Turkish navy assets well, they may think missing schooners would mean missing training vessels. Regardless, his review of Turkish navy was very positive. Yet, he should have question why all of his resources was talking about excellent training and resources, yet he mentioned lack of training vessels.

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