Catch Of The Day: A G7A Torpedo

The G7A training torpedo caught by a Turkish fishing boat.

On 10th March 2012, the fishing boat M/V Yeni Asya returned home with a very unusual catch: a G7A torpedo.

The fishing boat found the torpedo dangled in its nets as they were fishing off the coast of Foça, İzmir. The waters around Foça, located at the entrance of Bay of İzmir is one of the popular exercise areas of Turkish Navy.

The fishermen realized that it the torpedo was an inert training torpedo without a warhead as they have encountered similar torpedoes before dully informed the local coast guard station and the harbour master. After the M/V Yeni Asya returned to Foça harbor with the torpedo hanging astern, experts examined the catch. Later it was decided to bring to torpedo to a close by naval base where it will be destroyed.

Originally designed for the use of the U-Boots during the 2. World War, the G7A torpedo is used by Kartal class fast attack craft. These vessels build in Germany as a modified Zobel class fast attack craft carry two forward facing 533mm torpedo tubes, one on each side armed with one G7A torpedoes.

Click here for a video of the incident.

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