Greek Frigate HS Hydra Is Returning Home Early

HS Hydra in Bosphorus. An old photo from 1998. She is coming home early from the party.

While the families of the crew of the Greek frigate F-452 HS Hydra celebrate, her early return from Horn of Africa, this shows the dire fiscal situation the Greek armed forces are facing.

In early February, HS Hydra was send by Greek Navy to participate in the Operation Atalanta, the anti-piracy operation of EU off the coast of Somalia. She was supposed to operate in the area till 4th April, but she is returning to Greece at the moment, one month earlier than planned. She also will not take part in Atalanta during the second half of the year, according to the Greek Defense Ministry.

As, it costs  Greece 2.5 million euros a month to operate a frigate off the coast of Somalia, the early return and the cancellation of the second trip will save 7.5 million euros from the Greek tax payers money.

Two years ago Bulgarian Navy toyed with the idea of sending a frigate to Gulf of Aden to combat piracy but later they had to give up upon that idea as the Bulgarian Government was not able to create the necessary funding for the operation.

It is definitely not a cheap thing, to station a warship away from homeland for extended periods of time as both Greece and Bulgaria learned by the hard way.




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