ROVKiller: A Countermeasure For Mine Hunting ROVs

The prototype of ROVKiller. Photo: BUTECH.One of the private universities in Turkey, Bahçeşehir University has founded a Technology Development Center (BUTECH) in August 2005. BUTECH’s main mission is to realize custom projects created for various industries and government in Turkey and in the Middle East region of the world. They employ their students so that they would have sufficient work experience.

BUTECH has developed a number of defense related projects. They are mostly in concept or development phase but I trust that a few of them might even get in to prototype and test and evolution phase by the armed forces.

The ROV Killer is one of the projects I believe that has a good potential to enter into production. The ROV Killer is essentially an intelligent mine that is connected to a standard “dumb” mine and will destroy the mine hunting ROV by exploding.

The ROV’s are the soft under belly of today’s naval mine hunting vessels. In our age where we adore anything that can perform dangerous and mundane task by a unmanned way ROV’s are more valuable assets than divers. If a mine hunter ship, cannot deploy a ROV to neutralize or to identify a mine then a human diver have to be risked for the mission of the ROV.

According to BUTECH’s website the prototype of the system was completed in April 2009 and, testing has begun.

ROVKiller Technical Specifications

  • High precision and accuracy
  • 5 meter detection distance
  • Operable under 300 meter depth (31 atm)
  • Light difference detection
  • Specific light color detection
  • Attachable via magnetic node to bottom mines
  • Easy integration to mine
  • Ability to be built in various size and models

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